Every advertisement needs a design solution- ideas and also realization. We have people who can make your logos, designs, illustrations into reality. Sometimes it takes days to make really good design, but communicating and making cooperation with the client the final result is what was wanted. Our design experts are using professional programs.

We consider all of your wishes and simpler designs are made for free. All questions and inquiries to:

  • Logos design (with symbolics);
  • Webpage design;
  • Print design (business cards, posters, stickers);
  • Banner design (online and outdoor banners);
  • Print on objects (shop windows, cars, etc.);
  • Photo amendment (corrections, cuttings);
  • Picture/design vectorisations;
  • Consulting by the company (what colors to use, what technology is more suitable, etc.)

Digital print

If there is a work with small amount and picture is more complicated, it is favorable to use digital print. In our company there are two digital printers- widescreen for different stickers, banners, flags, fabrics, and Xerox´i SRA3 for folders, booklets, business cards, invitations. In addition to printing, we offer post-processing- binding, stamping, stapling. Digital printer’s productivity is high and that is why we can offer short lead times. Price is established by the amount of the color that is used on the product and what the base material is.

All questions and inquiries to:

  • Stickers (big PVC-stickers for buses, cars; small stickers for cans, boxes etc.);
  • PVC advertising banners;
  • Flags (for example company flags);
  • Posters;
  • Special materials (raincoats, pillows);
  • Paper products- business cards, invitations, menus, booklets.

Sticker advertising

We also offer sticker advertisements. We may come to see and measure your windows, doors or walls which you want to paste and advise you what materials, colors and technology to use. Sticker advertising technology is simple- stickers are made by film cutter or printer and then installed properly.

All questions and inquiries to:


Silkscreen gives us opportunity to print on different smooth surfaces. We can print on textiles (t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, bags, umbrellas, neckbands) and other surfaces (plastic, lighters, binders, plastic lids).
If there are any questions contact us directly. In particular, we are interested in printing systems development and cooperation with clients who want to order from us again. All questions and inquiries to:

Textile print

In our company the textile printing is divided into three fields- silkscreen, transitional print and hot-press print. To what method to use depends of the work that is ordered.
Silkscreen on textile We have modern equipment to print through different technologies. We print with self-drying colors on nylon jackets, polyester shirts, plastic clothes, etc. Also  water-based proell color is used to print on children’s clothes and bed sheets.  Our employees have 15 years of experience, which always ensures the correct result. In constant use there are two Svecia print lines that have air-dried-cooling systems. On these we print paper, cardboard, textile, etc.
Hot-press print Printed and/or cut films are fixed on desired products. Hot-press print is easy to use on single orders, but with this technique small patterns and letters can not be done.
Transitional print With transitional print the picture is also put on the product with hot press, but picture is printed (with printer or silkscreen) on special paper.
There is no particular technology for every product- material and resistance must be examined and also client’s desires must be evaluated. After that we can choose the right technology for the job. Our specialists estimate Your order and give You professional advice. All questions and inquiries to:


When the product is properly printed, it also needs to be packed nicely. Our company offers correct packing and package manufacturing. There are many possibilities- paper (such as boxes, cases, bags) and plastic covers. We make the packages from design to completion. All questions and inquiries to:

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